Hi! I am Sara the girl behind Little Bits of Us. I am a wife to an amazing Navy man and mother of two spunky girls. We live in the suburbs of an island in the Pacific Northwest with our chickens, dogs, and crazy dreams.

Little Bits of Us began as a way to connect with other mothers, never did I imagine people would ever read it or it would blossom into the blessing it has. As my life has evolved over the years the blog has evolved right along with me and it has remained a reflection of who I am. From do it yourself projects and home decor, to my favorite children items you can find all sorts of things covered here at Little Bits of Us. Blogging has become not only an outlet as I navigate through motherhood as a stay at home mom but also something I can call mine. I hope you enjoy your time here, and thank you for supporting not only Little Bits of Us but me.

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