adding a statement piece to your living space


You Guys!!! I feel like I have been keeping this room secret for months. In reality it probably hasn't been all that long but I have slowly been adding new touches and I am obsessed with this room right now. First I started by clearing the walls off and adding this gorgeous sign custom made by the talented Aimee of Aimee Weaver Designs. The sign really is a statement piece and demands your attention when you walk into the room.

I also added this little round table from Birch Lane between the chairs. It really helped tie that wall together and make it perfect. As you can see I also got rid of the coffee table in the room and replaced it with a large grey wicker basket I picked up at Home Goods. I use this to store some of the girls toys.

The last thing I need to do for this room (well except for the fireplace project but that is another post for another day) is purchase a rug, and truth be told that is probably happening tonight. What do you guys think of the room? Would you be willing to clear your walls off and focus on one large piece?

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