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This deployment is going to kill me, okay I said it. Lilly and I are constantly in a push and pull and between her strong emotions and independence (thats code for refusal to listen) I am 100% sure I have lost my mind. But as I look down at her I know exactly who she is, a tiny version and exact replica of who I am myself.  It isn't hard for me to put myself in her shoes, Lilly and I couldn't be more alike. We have the same tastes, we process our feelings the same, and I won't be surprised if she walk down the same path in life as the woman in front of her. But still, I no idea what on earth I am supposed to be doing to help her navigate through all those feelings she feels so hard and I can't help but feel like a failure as a mom.

If I take a deep breath I know one thing for sure, Lilly thrives when she has my attention and (just like her mama) all she needs if for you to make her feel special. I knew when I saw these Mommy and Me Reebok classic sneakers she would just love them. I mean is there anything more special than matching a mini version of yourself. I'd have to say no and I think Lilly agrees. She loves matching her Mommy and she loves her shoes that "make her run so fast". I love how fashionable and timeless the sneakers are. Win. Win.

Do you love to match your mini as well? Be sure to head over to the Reebok site and check out their collection of classic sneakers. I am a huge fan of the colored options as well. Use the code CLASSICFAST during checkout for free expedited shipping.

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