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Hey! I hope everyone had a fun weekend and is off to a great start this week. We had a busy few days and while I enjoyed it, this mama needs to take it easy today. So if you need me I will be throwing snacks at my kids and binging on Netflicks. Okay in theory thats what will be happening but lets be real I will end up cleaning all day. Anyways, I wanted to shop on here and share this super cute shop Wee Rascals that makes kids shirts focused on making history fun.

Liz one of the two owners of Wee Rascals was kind enough to send over a few words about their company. Here is what she said:

"Wee Rascals was started in 2013, born out of a desire to empower children with tales of true heroism. To spark their curiosity and connect them with their own possibilities. With 4 children between us, we wanted to give our own children more options for clothing than we saw in the sea of superheroes and princesses. We wanted them to see real faces and hear stories of courage, perseverance and selfless dedication that has led to the betterment of humankind. We wanted to spark curiosity within our own children and yours, and prompt conversations that matter.   
We aren't just t-shirts, we are a movement! A movement toward something more inspiring, courageous and real.  All of our tees are made in the USA and printed in Austin, Texas. We have a small team that helps us get our hip + historical tees into your hands, but all of the day to day operations at Wee Rascals is run by us…two moms with this mission in our hearts!"

We get so many comments and questions about our Girl Gang shirts and I love that they get people talking. Its never to early to start teach out our little ones about history. Thank you for stopping  by, and be sure to head over to Wee Rascals to check out all their different designs!

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