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This is one of those posts where I cringe hitting publish with lots of anxious thoughts running around in my head. They say we are our own worst critic, but most  bloggers will tell you that isn't true. There are sites dedicated to picking apart people who put theirselves out there online and it is so sickening. I am so fortunate to have escaped such nasty behavior so far (to my knowledge) but I would be lying if I said the fear of it happening to me didn't hold me back from putting more out here.

This may sound crazy because this is my blog after all (watch me get vulnerable) but this is why you don't see more of me in front of the camera. While its not an excuse two kids in two years did a number on my body and self esteem and while I am working on that I also need to work on not hiding behind the camera so much.

On one of Austins last nights home we headed to the beach for some family time and while we were there we snapped some photos in a couple dresses from the trendy online boutique PinkBlush. If you watch my Insta-Stories you saw that we stumbled upon a dirt road of Foxgloves and it was so gorgeous, and I will probably go back every year. AS for this year, I look forward to getting some use out of these dresses this summer. They are great quality and you don't have to worry about people seeing through them in the bright summer sun. Am I the only one that worries about that? I do feel PinkBlush runs a little large and I wish I had sized down because they were a little boxy on me.

The floral dress is no longer available but you can find a lot of very similar options in their floral section here. The black dress with pockets (heck yeah!) can be found here in both black and navy.

For those of you who are new here, or have followed Little Bits of Us for awhile thank you for all your support. When I question why I continue to put myself out there (O mean surely nobody reads this right?) I think about all the sweet messages I get and can't help but smile. You all mean so much. Truely.

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