summer must haves with young children


Its that time of year where we spend more time outdoors than we do inside which means the house stays cleaner and the babies sleep harder. Over the last couple years I have picked up a few different items that make our backyard living that much better.

We always keep a pair of easy slip on shoes by the back door for the girls so that they can come and go by themselves. Since it is to warm for their rainbows we have switched them out for a pair of Natives from the Friendly Rooster. The girls are able to put them on and off by themselves and they love all the fun colors they come in.

Pop Up Shade Tent for the months when the sun is harsh is also a great item to have on hand. We got the idea when Piper was a baby and we have used it every summer since. We also keep an Outdoor Blanket with it. When the ground is still damp in the morning we like to have a waterproof blanket for sitting on the ground.

SNACKS SNACKS SNACKS! A Popsicle Mold not only is a fun activity to do with your toddlers, but it also makes it easy to give your kids a tasty treat.

Every year we get our use out of the Kiddie Pool. I put the girls up last week and no lie they played for 4 hours uninterrupted. That my friends, is priceless. Another hit for entertainment is the Water Table. Every kid seems to love them. Ours is almost four years old and still gets used every day we are outside.

Does your family spend the summer outside as well? I would love to hear your favorite activities and items to keep on hand. Thank you for stopping by and supporting Little Bits of Us, you can always comment here or find me on Facebook or Instagram if you want to connect.

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