Mothers Day at the nursery.


 Hi friends, happy Monday morning. I am up early with our new puppy Princess Poppy and while the girls sleep I wanted to hop on here and share some photos from our Mothers Day yesterday. I decided yesterday that Mothers Day is probably my new favorite holiday. Austin does an amazing job showing me how thankful he is for the hard work I put into caring for our girls all year round, but it is nice having a day dedicated to it. Mom life is beautiful in all its messy glory but it really is so hard and I can't even express how nice it feels to have a day where I am the priority.

We started the morning the same as every year, Austin filling the table with flowers, my favorite treats, doughnuts, Starbucks, just the little things in life that make me happy. Then we decided to head out on an adventure I had planned. This time of year all I want to do is be around pretty plants so we headed to one of my favorite nursery's.

After some shopping and some photos we headed to the cutest taco place. It was so delicious and the best choice. Piper had a death grip on hers when Daddy tried to steal a bite. That girl and her food, I am telling ya. After lunch we attempted to walk through a few stores in a cute local seaside town where we ended up grabbing some ice cream cones before heading home.

If you saw my Instagram post yesterday you already know my children were giving me a hard time. Like throwing themselves on the floor tantrums and running away from us in the store type of difficulty. But Austin did his best to handle it on his own and keep the day focused on me, he really is the best. But reality is motherhood doesn't care what day it is, sometimes kids are going to have those kind days and everyone will survive. Besides ice cream makes most things better, at least temporarily.

The girls are wearing Rompers from Rad Revolution Kids
Pipers shoes are from Piper Finn
Whatever your plans were for mothers day, I hope you felt loved and appreciated. In the end it doesn't matter if you go out or stay home, spending your day relaxing with your family is a great reminder that us moms to slow down more often and enjoy some time taking care of ourselves. It is a beautiful thing to love someone so selflessly, but we can't forget we are important too.

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