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You guys, I long to be one of those bloggers who constantly has fresh content to share but I am not. I am always running out of ideas and I never force a post. Who knows if that is a good or bad thing in the blogosphere, everyone probably has their own opinions on the subject but in the meantime if there is anything you want to see please let me know, trust me I could use the inspiration.

I have however been thinking about finding some of my favorite decor from Amazon and sharing it with you for awhile. I am always browsing Amazon because Prime is life, and much of this is in my wishlist currently. I stash it away for a holiday when Austin needs ideas and I have nothing to suggest.

1. Barn Pendent Light / 2. Galvanized Watering Jug / 3. Lambs Ear / 4. 3-Tier Wood Tray
5. Basic Farmhouse Towels / 6. Honey Jar / 7. Ceramic Measuring Spoons
8. Candle Holders / 9. Bread Box / 10. Coffee Mug Stand / 11. Artificial Plant / 12. Canisters
So here are a few of my favorite home decor items I have found recently on Amazon. I plan to order a couple of the lights for the remaining light fixtures in the kitchen, and the Bread box is actually the one I own. I have a similar mug rack to display my Rae Dunn mugs on a Wood Slab Lazy-Susan which was also purchased from Amazon.
What do you guys love most? Anything similar you own? Anything you are going to order? I would love to see photos of some of this stuff in your own house.


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