Thursday Threads - Ave & Ash


The sun graced us briefly with its presence this week and the girls were so excited to head to the beach for a little family time. I took the opportunity to put on their adorable new Ave and Ash tops, and Mon Petit shoes to shoot some photos for y'all.

These outfits are one of my favorites right now and we are getting so many compliments on these Ave and Ash tops. They are quality handmade pieces that are so stylish. I have been eyeing Mon Petit shoes since last year and goodness are they so darling. Made with super soft leather the girls are so comfy in them and love wearing them.

I am greatly looking forward to the weather warming up and more days like this one. I can't wait for the girls to get more use out of these darling outfits and all the memories they will fill the threads with. Chances where you are the weather is starting to change and you are already in cooler clothing and I won't lie, I'm feeling pretty jealous at that thought.

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