The best bunny books for Easter.


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Can you believe Easter is this weekend? I swear I blinked and here it is. With all my focus being on Piper turning TWO Easter has been in the back on my mind but we keep things around here pretty low key on the day so we are pretty much ready. I did want to share some great bunny themed books for your littles as we all enjoy the excitement surrounding the magical Easter bunny.

one / two / three / four
five / six / seven / eight
These would be great for a last minute Easter basket item, or just to enjoy through the spring as we watch those new spring babies run around. Number seven is a great touch and feel peek a boo book that is a absolute favorite in our house. It has the most gorgeous illustrations and I promise you won't be disappointed if you pick that one up.

Are there any books you love to read to your babes in the spring months? Let me know if you do, I know we are ALWAYS looking for books to add to our collection.

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