A sister room full of special moments.


Incase you missed it my sweet Lilly and Piper are now sharing a room, and goodness is it adorable. I love ending my days listening to them giggle and get along, because reality is I currently listen to them fight 90% of the day. I can't wait to show you the full room, it is probably my favorite room right now but until its finished (notice a dresser with no knobs) I am popping in to share the wall of memories.

I have been looking for a way to display Instagram photos in the house and Tiny Mighty Frames was kind enough to send me some of their white frames. Life isn't professional photos and while those are lovely in their own way, I really wanted to look around our house and be reminded of the memories we make on a daily basis and these little square frames were the perfect way to do it. I put a majority of the frames in our hallway downstairs but I had a few left over to put in the girls room.

If you recognize the trees it is because this room used to be just Lilly, and you can see what it looked like before here. I can't wait to finish getting it decorated and and all the fun memories the girls will make together. I can't help but think about them as middle schoolers ready to have their own space back and cherish this time so deeply.

I hope to share the hallway gallery wall with you soon. Weather here in the PNW has made lighting a joke inside. But soon enough the sun will grace us with its presence.. right?

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