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I have tried for two weeks together photos of our dining room while we are in the middle of our makeover, but the PNW sky isn't very generous with lighting. Today I just did the best I could because I couldn't wait any longer.

If you follow me over on Instagram you know that we started installing our new flooring this weekend. We are doing the entire downstairs in new flooring so to say it is a big project is an understatement. This pushed what is left in the the dining room off a little longer. So far Austin has made our new table which we LOVE, and we ordered some chairs. Besides shopping for decor all that is left is a bench and new light fixture. The best part is we will be making both!

We are so excited to get this project finished and have the dining room we dreamed of when we bought this house. If you don't remember what it looked like before you can visit this post to see some photos from last year.

Last week we hosted our first family dinner and it was so nice to fit everyone around one table. To build this table Austin used these plans from Ana White. We still have a couple beams to add to the center but we want to make sure we won't be making any adjustments when we add the bench.

What do you guys think so far? Let me know what you think and I will be back with a full update, and sources for decor when the project is finished.

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