Valentines Day playlist & a peek into our traditions.


Happy (almost) Valentines Day friends. I am sure most of you have plans, but if you don't or you think kids kill the mood, than I have you covered with the perfect Valentines Day at home. I thought I would share a quick glimpse into our Valentines Day traditions that anyone could throw together last minute. Since our very first Valentines Day together, long before the kids Austin and I have chosen to stay home for Valentines.

Staying home has become far more beneficial since we have had the children but the real reason we have chosen to stay home all these years is because we have zero desire to fight the crowds. So every year Austin and I order a heart shaped pizza, light some candles and rent a movie. This also happens to be the perfect tradition when you have little ones. But in all honesty they are still young enough that we send them to bed after pizza so that we can enjoy a movie with a higher rating than PG.

I hope that whatever you decide to do you choose love on Valentines Day. I also threw together a short Valentines Day playlist with a few bonus tracks for those of you who are feeling a little anti valentines this year. I would love to hear your plans and I hope you know I love each and every one of you for being here and following along with our journey.

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