Valentines Day Crafts with the Kids


Not only does Lilly love to do crafts but I really notice a difference in her behavior if I make the time to do something artistic during the day. Valentines just snuck up on us without having time to prepare a special craft so I just snagged some things laying around the house and we had fun with this two in one craft.

- Some kind of jar with a lid. I used a peanut butter jar so I could just trash it when we were done.
- Some kind of macaroni noodle. We used penne.
- Paint in Valentines colors.
- Construction Paper or Cardstock
- Yarn or some sort of string.

We started this project by cutting some card stock to fit in the jar. Then we adding a few little drops of paint to the bottom and threw a couple noodles in there and screwed on the top. Then I let Lilly shake it up. When she was done I took the card stock out and replaced it with some more and did the same thing. While our paper dried we threw in some more noodles and more paint and Lilly shook some more. We did one batch red, and one batch white. Then we laid everything out on wax paper (so it wouldn't get stuck) and let it dry.

When everything was dry we took the paper and cut out little hearts. Lilly wanted me to address them to people as valentines which I thought was a great idea. Then we snagged some yarn out of the closet and put the noodles on for Lilly very first macaroni necklace. Well in this penne necklace, but you know what I mean.

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