Book of the Month : One True Loves


Where are my readers at?! I have debated a lot about how I can connect with other readers on this platform. I love reading, I love having someone to discuss books with, and finding great new reads. I figured the easiest place to start would to be sharing a few of my favorite reads right here on the blog then going from there.
I am so excited to share One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid for my very first book review because it is hands down one of the best books I have read in a long time.
I read One True Loves in one day because I was unable to put it down. Albeit it was a weekend and Austin was home from work to wrangle the girls while I was absorbed but the book but that is beside the point. With tears in my eyes I finished it late at night wishing I could keep it from ending. One True Loves is a captivating story of a widowed woman finding love again only to discover her husband is still alive. Your heart is torn as Emma has to navigate between feelings for two men and will be left wishing she could choose both in the end.


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