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When you walk into our house the first room you can see is the playroom, and honestly it drives me crazy. I don't want the first impression visitors get is loads of toys, and thats not what I want to be welcomed to. Not to mention, these wild girls of mine just dump every single toy out and walk away. So after reading an article about a mom who got rid of 90% of her kids toys and saw nothing but positive results I had been thinking a lot about downsizing the playroom.

So, I finally made the decision to make the playroom more of a family room and phase some toys out.  We have got rid of quite a bit and what was left we moved upstairs. So instead of a whole room my goal was for the girls to have a corner where we rotated their stuff. I saw a house painted on a wall behind a kitchen online and I knew I had to recreate it for their space.

Felt Floral Wreath by Alison Michel
Our family dolls by Pegheads

To do this I had to sell the corner kitchen they had and downsize to this one, but it is blue so Lilly is over the moon. To do this I just taped the outline of a kitchen and painted the wall. Then when Austin got home he helped me hang the shelf. Okay, thats a lie... he hung the shelf for me. The playroom transformation is far from over, but so far we are loving this area. 

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