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Time to get corny on y'all. With thanksgiving here I thought I would share a few of the things I was most thankful for. Besides the painfully obvious of course.
Mom life is hard and there are certain things needed to survive. One certain thing in particular, caffeine and it tastes so much better out of a paper cup that is terrible for the environment (don't judge me). But I am also 99% sure I am not alone on this one.
After a long day nothing helps me relax more than a bottle (err glass) of wine and some good candles.  Everyone needs a way to unwind and that is my go to. Without it I would be even more tense then I already am.
We live at least 45 minutes from any decent shopping, an hour and a half away from good shopping. Need I say more? Oh I do? Amazon Prime.
Look we all know delivery is the answer to all out greasy hair exhausted prayers but when your favorite Mexican place shows up at your door within an hour.... thank you Jesus. Now if only they can start delivering a margarita with that tasty dinner.

Who else is counting down the seconds until the new episodes are released? I have watched Gilmore Girls since I was younger than Rory ever was and it has always been a favorite. I can't wait to find out where they all ended up, and I most certainly am keeping my fingers crossed it is such a hit they bring it back more permanently.
Living in 2016 has a lot of perks, and convenience is one of them. I often question where is the tribe you are supposed to get when you enter motherhood, and where is it available for purchase. But in this day and age I have come to realize a bottle of wine, a delivery man, and Netflicks can be my tribe and that isn't all that bad. I hope you guys are sitting around your tables this week with your hearts and bellies full. Of course, I am always so thankful and humbled that you have stopped by my little space of the internet to see what I am rambling about these days and it means more than I could ever say.

Happy Thanksgiving

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