Rolltop Desk Makeover


Last week in my Chicken Wire artwork display post you saw a roll top desk photographed. Well after I took those photos I was motivated to give it the facelift it needed. I purchased this desk for $45 last month and I couldn't have been more excited about it. While it doesn't serve the purpose I purchased it for (darn massive desktop computer) it was way to cute to part with. I may or may not have furniture hoarding tendencies.

So I decided to find another plan for my computer and go ahead with making over the desk. Last week I picked up a can of Rustoleum Chalked paint from Home Depot in fresh linen and gave it a coat of white. After painting some more pieces, and giving it some time I will do a review of their new chalked paint because I am not quite sure how I feel about it. But thats besides the point. After painting the desk I hit it with some sand paper to distress it and I love the ending result.

I am not finished with it yet, but the finishing touches will not be done for another couple months. The holiday season, and a husband about to return from deployment has my mind in other places so for now this will do. I eventually want to spray paint all the hard wear black (I think) and paint inside the drawers a super light chippy pink. Could you imagine... something besides white in my living space?!

Anyways, I hope you love the end result as much as I do and you are inspired to paint a piece of furniture yourself. I love creating the home I want without spending very much money. Let me know what you think in the comments bellow or find me on Facebook or Instagram to chat. Thank you for being here, and please come back soon.

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