An easy farmhouse window DIY


Hey y'all! I am back today with something I am so excited about.
1. Because it was so EASY.
2. It took me a total of like 2 seconds to complete. Okay thats a little dramatic but you get the point.

I had this window sitting in my garage just waiting for a project. Then while I was sitting in the playroom thinking of literally nothing I got hit like a ton of bricks to use it for this little project. See I had this gorgeous chicken sign hanging upstairs also waiting for a project. A dear friend left it sitting on my porch to surprise me and it has been waiting for Austin to get home to make a frame for it. So in my epiphany I thought why don't I use the window as a frame. I mean obviously.

So the project was this simple y'all. First I painted the window white with some chalk paint I had laying around. After it dried I flipped it over and put a layer of Modge Podge over the entire glass pane. I slowly laid the picture down and smoothed out all the bubbles. Or at least as many as I could. Then I brushed another layer of Modge Podge on the back of the picture. I let it dry, and that was it.

This project was free, easy, and turned out adorable. What do you think about it? Do you have any spare windows laying around just waiting for an idea? Id love to hear what plans you have for your old windows, or even see your projects! You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, or leave a comment below. As always, thank you for being here, I hope you liked with you found and your presence means so much.

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