new desk, old legs.


I have found a serious love for salvaged pieces. We have a architectural salvage not from us that Austin and I LOVE going to, and I am always leaving with plenty of new ideas. There is something so fun about giving life to an old discarded object.

Austin found me these desk legs on the app Offer Up that a wonderful woman salvaged from a fire. He initially thought of them for another project I have going, and by going I mean I have pieces laying in the garage until an undermined date in the future when I find pieces to go with it. Life of a diy-er, am I right? Anyways, I knew I NEEDED them no matter what I used them for.

When we got there the sweetest old lady also gave us some remnants that were also salvaged for the fire. While there was not enough there to completely put the desk back together there was enough that I knew we had to try and recreate some sort desk. I set Austin to do his magic and I love what he came up with. 

What do you think about the desk he created? While I love it, I just can't find a place in our house where I feel it belongs. So after I snapped these photos I took it out to the back deck to be chopped up and turned into another project when he returns. My poor husband is so understanding and rolls with the never ending cycle of ideas.

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