Touches of Halloween in our home.


Halloween has always been the holiday that Austin and I really get into together, and it must be genetic because Lilly is the queen of Halloween. Never ever have I seen such a small person obsessed with all things spooky. It took her approximately five seconds to figure out what happened on halloween last year and she has been hooked ever since. Mama didn't raise no fool, girlfriend takes her candy seriously.

I wasn't going to decorate this year. It is a lot of work dragging all the boxes out, trying to hang things, all while wrangling the girls. Alone. It is the second year Austin will miss the fun and to be honest I am being a bit of scrooge about it. I am being honest it really bothers me that he has never been home to take Piper trick or treating. But there is nothing like the spirit of children to make you forget your excuses.

I didn't go all out but I did drag a few things out, do a little shopping for a few more, and this year we brought the Halloween spirit inside. This is my first year decorating for Halloween inside the house and I love how it turned out so much I think it will become the new normal. I used a lot of what I already had laying around and I decorated two main spaces in our home. First I decorated our TV stand. My dough bowl to hold my Target spot $3 pumpkins and some old skulls I had. The rats, burlap runner, and black cheese cloth were all things we had in our decorations from over the years. The jars a friend made for me years ago and every year I  think I should make some more. 
They are just so adorable and you can find lots of free printable on Pinterest for Halloween apothecary jars. 

I was inspired to turn my hutch back into a coffee bar and add some Halloween touches there as well. A metal tray we had laying around was used to set the witch doll Lilly got from TJ Maxx. All I did was throw down another piece of the black cheesecloth and you get the idea. It is super simple but I still love the feel of it.

Hopefully Austin is home next year and we can really go all out. I would love to make some floating ghosts, and witch hats to add to both spaces, and get some candle sticks. Halloween really is such a fun time of year and I am glad I found the spirit in my three year old.

Do you decorate for Halloween inside, or is that something you prefer to leave outside? I would love to hear what you think in the comments below, or chat with you on Facebook or Instagram.

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