chicken nuggets, messy playrooms, & this season of life.


Life has been full of changes in our household, and while some of you may think I have it all put together I am just a regular woman trying to figure shit out one day at a time. I spend time with other woman my age and constantly second guessing myself, feeling like a child at an adult party. While everyone seems to have found a career and still finds a way to cook their children dinner at the end of their work day I am asking my three year old what she wants to be when she grows up hoping to get ideas for myself. Then at five I remember I haven't laid anything out for dinner... chicken nuggets again y'all. I snap at my kids, and I forget to feed the dog. Just like everyone else I have my flaws.

Austin is on deployment and life will always be more difficult when my partner is gone. But it also reminds me I am constantly to hard on myself. Who cares if I don't know where I want to be in ten years? I probably won't even be the same person. But right now I am home with the two people who bring me the most joy (and lets be honest the most frustration) I have ever known. I can spend nap time cleaning, or working out, and I shouldn't except myself to get both done. Life is about balance in all aspects and the perfection I expect from myself the world does not.

In our home I have been getting out with the girls as much as possible.  We are trying to enjoy our final days outside before the weather turns and we never want to leave the side of the fireplace. Lilly has started pre-school a few hours a week, and we go to playgroups and story time the rest of the week. We are busy busy busy waiting for our main man to return home, and trying to remember to give myself some grace in those spare moments. All moms struggle, no matter how put together they may seem. Remember that.

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