Thursday Threads: Monica & Andy


Hey guys! Dare I say it? I think summer has finally arrived here in the pacific north west. Better late than never I guess... a little earlier would have been nice but I will take what I can get. We have been making plenty of beach trips this last week so I took the opportunity to snap some shots of the girls new outfits from Monica and Andy before we picnicked on their adorable quilts which are also from Monica and Andy.
Bow by Free Babes
Shoes by Apple's Kids
Toy Camera and Keys from Fact and Fiction Toys 

Don't let Lillys love of Star Wars fool you, this girl can twirl with the rest of them. She loves her tutu's and when I put her in this one she could not contain her excitement. It quickly has become a favorite in our house. Especially to practice pirouettes in.

Piper is our neutrals girl. It is funny how they have their own "style" so young... or am I imagining it? But she isn't a dressy frilly girl and we are constantly hoping over to the boy or neutral section to pick her outfits out. I love this grey gender neutral outfit that is perfect for our summer weather. We dressed it up with her adorable lace hair bow by Cammi & Co. and some pink candles from from Old Navy

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