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I know things have been a little quite over here. Reality is we haven't been doing many projects and instead we have been relaxing, binging on game of thrones, and getting outside when the Washington weather lets us. But that also means I unfortunately haven't had much to share with you. So I decided this week I could share a project with you that I never got around to posting. Our dining room table makeover.

Along with finishing our window art in the dining room we also gave our existing table a facelift. We have big plans to eventually build something bigger and better but for now this is what we have, and we wanted to at least like looking at it in the meantime.

Anyways, I traded our bar style table for something a little more family friendly while Austin was on deployment but the colors just did not fit with our home. Well either did the previous table. But either way I am a firm believer you can fix anything with a little bit of paint. So that is just what I did. While some of you may be shocked, I stepped out of my comfort zone here and used no white in this makeover. I know, I know, pick those jaws up off the ground.

This project was pretty straight forward. Austin sanded the table down, I painted the base and stained the top. I sealed the wood with some leftover Annie Sloan clear wax and we were done. What do y'all think? The stain is Kona by Rust-Oleum and the paint is Aspiring Blue by Behr. You probably won't even believe these before pictures, I know I don't.

With Austin getting ready to leave again before the end of the year my to-do list needs some attention, so hopefully I will have an abundance of projects to share with you soon. Is there anything specific you would like to see from Little Bits of Us? Let me know! And as always, thank you for being here.

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