What is in our Diaper Bag?


Having two kids in two years took a toll on a number of things. First my body, second my diaper bag. Lets face it, babies require a lot of stuff and although we are out of the itty bitty baby stage with Piper I still have to carry a lot around with us for my two girls.

Thanks to my Lily Jade diaper bag I am able to not only carry all their junk... umm I mean necessities, but I am able to keep it organized. Which is so important to this Mama. Nothing frustrates me more than digging through a diaper bag looking for something.

Here is what we are currently using in our diaper bag:

Honest Company diapers and reusable wipes container
A Little Sun Hat bonnet for each girl
Honest Company hand sanitizing spray
Babyganics Sunscreen Stick
A Stella and Lu lovie for Piper
A Boon Sippy cup with extra lids tucked inside.
A few toys for the girls to play with. Right now we are loving a Haba teether and our Peg Head family.

The removable portion of the diaper bag has fourteen pockets. This is how I stay organized. Everything in the diaper bag has a designated spot. Since this part is removable you are also able to wash it. This helps us not only keep our diaper organized but clean. 
I love carrying this gorgeous bag around with us. I don't feel like I am compromising in any ways and I don't miss my pretty purses from my pre-kiddo days. It is gorgeous and I will use it long after the girls no longer require a diaper bag.

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