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This week has been a crazy one y'all, and I am running on ZERO. Tuesday night the girls decided they didn't want to sleep, and they both woke up at 2AM with no intentions of going back to sleep. So I took them downstairs hoping Austin could at least get a little sleep in before having to get up for work. Needless to say Wednesday was a very LONG day. Then at the end of it Lilly decided she was ready to potty train. While this is super exciting because despite our best efforts we couldn't get her to show interest, Im like oh man lets just keep throwing it at me this week.
Anyways, I am here today for our third Thursday Threads. YAY! How are you liking them so far? While I am loving sharing outfits and brands with you I am loving how this series is challenging me to get to know my camera better every week. I hope in a few months we see major progress in my photos.

Shoes from Freshly Picked / Headband from Bumbelou / Lovie from Stella and Lu
This week I styled a look for Piper (or Lilly since they can both wear this) around this Loved Baby hooded sleeveless overall in the shade Eggplant. We have lots of Loved Baby clothing in our household. It is organic, neutral, and can be mixed and matched with just about anything. I seriously can't get enough. I also just saw they are releasing a little critters collection this summer sooo, just go ahead and take all my money now.
Loved Baby and I have also teamed up to give away hooded sleeveless overall to one lucky winner so be sure to head over to my Instagram to get yourself entered!

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