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I In the world of parenting there are things that matter and things that don't, and most of it is subjective to the parent. While shoes may not be important to some parents shoes are one of the things I don't mess around with. I think it is so important to treat my girls growing changing feet the best we can. but lets be real, we take toddler fashion very serious around here and their shoes are no exception.
I heard about See Kai Run back in my nannying days, long before I had kids of my own. The little boy I watched wore their shoes and I was always impressed with their quality. The company was started by a fellow Washington mother who was worried about the same two things I am, healthy foot development and style. Not only has the company exploded in the last ten years but they also have dedicated themselves to paying it forward which is so admirable.

Both of the girls love their shoes, and I can't get over how stinking adorable they are in them. But I love how well they fit them. Piper who is a new walker and still trips a lot is so balanced in them and honestly it was quite shocking (in a good way) to me. Lilly is able to be your typical rambunctios toddler in them all while looking good.
There is a short list of companies we buy shoes from, and See Kai Run is on that list.

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