Lorena Canals Rug Review


Even though basically our entire house is carpet I still like to break up the areas with a rug. It gives the room more texture, and color which I love. I heard of Lorena Canals rugs from a friends and was instantly attracted. Not only are they gorgeous but they are also washable and all natural. This is such great option to have for the girls rooms and the playrooms.

Right now we have Hippy in the color mint in Lillys room and we couldn't be more impressed. Out of the box we tossed it in the dryer like they suggest to get all the wrinkles out. We took it upstairs and laid it out and I can't get over how well it fits in there. 

Of course within a few days Lilly had spilled something on it.... because toddlers. It was easy to pick up and throw into the washer. It washed and dried like any load of laundry and came out looking just the same. It was so much easier than taking to a carpet cleaner or trying to clean it myself. I think we need a Lorena Canals rug in every room.

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