DIY Chicken Sign


Three facts about me.
1. I love my chickens.
2. I love decorating my suburban home like a farmhouse.
3. I love to get my crafty on.

So, when I saw this $8 chicken cutout from Woodland Press I knew that I could make a cheap adorable chicken sign I was all about it.

We have some scrap wood from replacing boards on our fence so I took a couple of those and cut them to the size I wanted. I scrubbed them down so I wouldn't be bringing nasty mud inside my house. Then I painted my chicken white. We attached the boards together then I hot glued the chicken to the sign. Yes, it really was THAT simple. 

Super easy and it only costs $8 to make if you have supplies laying around like I did. What do you think? Woodland Press also has tons of other cut outs so if your style isn't chickens there are plenty of other options. I am eyeballing their set of peonies next. 

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