the first nap is the hardest


Bedding from Target /  DockATot / Blanket by Stella & Lu / Hedgehog

With Piper being the second child I hold her a little tighter and I baby her far more. I know how much I will miss the cuddles when they become scarce, and I have been in no rush for her to sleep without me. At night we co-sleep with Piper, we have since day one. During the day she napped downstairs in her mamaroo, but she outgrew that a few months ago. We replaced it with a DockATot which we have loved. I am constantly posting pictures to instagram of her passed out in the livingroom floor in her dockatot.

I have considered the fact that if I put the DockATot in her crib she would probably sleep there, where she has never ever slept before. Not even for a minute. But I always come back to the same thought, I am not ready for her to be independent of me. So ironic isnt it. You miss having time to yourself, but you don't want to be away from them.... because you will miss them.
Well y'all, there are NO words for this week and something had to give. Today enough was enough, so I took both girls upstairs and said that is it, joint nap time will be happening. I put Lilly in her bed then I took Piper into her room determined to get her down for a nap. I nursed her to sleep in the rocker, then placed her in the dockatot in her crib. She woke up but didnt cry. She laid there for a few minutes till she fell back asleep.

Two hours later... my house is far more clean, and I am far more relaxed.
It might be time to start transitioning my sweet Piper to her crib, but am I ready? I just don't know. Its such a big step, and we will never get to go back.
This is something I am going to miss, and I am so scared to let it go.

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