Repurposed Table Frame


I really really wish I had a picture of what this projects started out as because I am positive you would be impressed. I'm more of a visual person myself but lets just see if I can paint the picture with my words. At an estate sale a snagged a table base for $5, nothing special. Four wooden legs connected together in a perfect square. For another $5 I snagged a chair that someone let a child (or at least I hope) attack with a paintbrush. It was blue and green, and orange. Neon orange. But paint fixes everything y'all!

I took these things home with zero ideas what I was going to do with the table, but the final product has me wishing it could live in various areas of my house all at once. I am sure it will make the rounds though. Right now the two are paired together serving as a vanity in our room, and I am just loving having a special area to get ready.


To make the table useful to us Austin took the base apart. He cut down the sides to make it shorter, put it back together, and threw some paint on it. We took a pallet apart for the wood, stained it, and screwed it onto the top. Austin sanded the chair down as much as he could and painted it the same color blue as our dining room table. Not only do I love re-purposing old things, I just love the look of these two pieces together and the character they add to my room.

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