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I snagged these old windows in California, when old windows were just becoming all the rage. I have since then collected many more windows. Ill always have room for more windows. This pair has made its way around my house with a burlap wreath, it was cute.... but I always felt like it lacked something.

A few weeks ago I was fumbling around Instagram admiring peoples homes like I normally do when I want to turn my brain off and I came across a post by Blesser House that gave me the inspiration I needed to give these windows the love they deserved. I love layering decor and textures, it provides such a cozy feeling and I knew adding a basket would give me the same effect.
The prints I used are out of this book. I choose the 12 that worked well together and I felt would look good in the dining room where this project hangs. I trimmed the border of the pages off then simply taped them to the back of the window. I suppose if you're looking for tape you can find it, but its not something I notice, which is saying a lot given how much of a perfectionist I am.

After hanging those on the wall I hung the wire basket between them. I found mine in the Walmart kitchen organization isle for $9, but I am sure you can find many options at other stores in the bathroom and closet organization aisles as well.

I tossed a couple mason jars with some flowers in the basket and it was done. Another quick and cheap project that adds a ton of character to our dining room. This room is finally finished (for now) and next week I will share our table makeover with y'all. I hope you are enjoying having me back, and all the projects I have been working so hard on. I love being able to share them!

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