DIY $20 Blanket Ladder


Alright Y'all! I am super excited to share this DIY blanket ladder with you. The ladder itself was only $20, and since I had all the other supplies laying around that is all it cost us.

To make one yourself this is what you need:
  • The side of a shelving unit from Ikea. They come in different sizes but this is the one we used.
  •  Hole filler and a putty knife
  • Stain or Paint
  • If you want to burn the wood you will also need a propane torch.

This is what the ladder looked like before we started it, first we took hole filler and filled all the tiny holes along the inside.

If you decide to burn the wood after the holes are filled and dry lightly run the torch over it until you get the look you want. Or tell your husband to do it, I find that works to.

Next I applied a few coats of stain, I was aiming for it to look like older wood. In hindsight I wish I would have taken a hammer or something to it and beat it up some first. But when the stain dried it was all finished. Not only was this projects cheap, but it also took less than a day.

Going to give this project a shot yourself? Id love to see it! E-mail or tag me over on Instagram (@littlebitsofus)!

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