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Hey y'all, I know I have been even more quite than normal lately but as most of you know Austin has headed out for work and wont be home for a few months. We knew this was coming but there really is no preparation you can make for parenting solo.

Although things around here are hectic I wanted to carve out some time and say thank you to the ones of you stopping by on Instagram, those of you texting me, and those of you keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. I have really felt the love and y'all it really does mean so much. The girls and I have been keeping super busy, and even made it out junking this weekend. I am hoping to share some of the projects I have been working on soon but I'm not promising anything. I am pretty positive my posts will be far more speratic but as we get into our groove I will try and hop on here and check in with yall from time to time.
As always thank you for your support.

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