Piper - Four Months Old


I feel like I could gush and gush about Piper forever. This sweet girl has been one of the most amazing things to happen to me. She already has taught me so much in her short time here and I am beyond thankful for her. I dont know what it is about our sweet Piper but I just get this aura from her and I truly believe she will be one wise adult who leaves a mark on this world. I cant help but picture what our conversations will look like when she is a young lady.

Clothing and Diaper Size -
We are in 3-6 month clothing, and trying to use up the rest of our size two diapers so we can move up to size threes (which is only one size lower than big sister!).
Likes -
Right now Piper loves watching TV with big sister and its basically the only way we get things done anymore, because other then that she has to have Mommy or Daddy holding her.

Dislikes -
Piper does not want to be put down right now and its instant tears if we do.

Sleep -
We have been waking up more at night to eat but I still feel very rested so it hasn't been that bad.
Eating -
I think we have been going through another growth spurt because she seems to be eating much more. At her well baby she was up to 13.4 lbs so one thing is for sure, she is growing!

Firsts -
Piper rolled from her back to her front on August first right after her sisters birthday party! She has been doing baby crunches and getting SO strong. She also have FIVE teeth coming in.

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