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Remember a few posts back when I said I had an idea for a new series? Well folks here it is - what we are working on. We have so many projects in the works here, everyday its something new. So this series will be a glimpse of what is currently changing in our home.

We have this awkward space against the house where grass wasn't growing and it was just rocks and looked ICK so I decided to plant some wildflowers on a whim. They are starting to sprout and I cant wait to see if it will turn out the way I envision, especially since I planted WAY late in the season.

A few weeks ago we picked up some shutters for practically nothing and I have had so much fun coming up with ideas for them. A couple sets are already hung on the wall for decorations but the larger sets are being turned into a side table, a bookcase, and a nightstand. Cant wait for it to all be finished and show you what I came up with.

We finally are making some headway in Pipers room and I should be able to do a reveal soon! We are also completely rearranging out bedroom, another idea I got on a whim. Austin, he is insanely patient with me. This involves him remounting our TV and ridiculously heavy mirror then filling the massive holes they will leave behind. He is a saint I tell ya.

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