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Hey y'all! May I just point out this is my second week in a row getting a post up. While you read this I will be over here patting myself on the back.
Anyways, things here are crazy as normal and I am left wondering where another weekend went.

On Friday Lilly had her two year well child check and she is up to 22 lbs, I just love that petite little girl so much. After her appointment we grabbed lunch at our favorite deli, hit the arts and craft fair, and went antiquing. The girls and I go to a doctor about 40 minutes away so it was nice to hang over there for awhile, we love the atmosphere there and always have a good time.
Austins parents are coming this Friday so we spent a lot of the weekend working on projects trying to get the house ready for guests. In the process of working on the house I got great idea for a new series I am hoping (fingers crossed) to start this week. Saturday started lazy with me drinking my coffee on the porch as Austin did all the heavy lifting for these projects. Eventually got dressed and started to get things done to.

Sunday I decided we needed to forget all the things needing to be done and take the girls to the fair. Lilly is super into farm animals right now and I didnt want to miss the chance for her to see them in person. I think its safe to say the cows were her favorite and she loved getting to pet them but nothing could have trumped her first pony ride. Lilly loved every single minute of ridding the pony and when her turn was over we had to drag her away kicking and screaming. After the fair we grabbed some lunch and went antiquing and thrifting. Yeah, we do that a lot. I snagged some shutters and more milk glass for super cheap which is always exciting.

What did your weekends look like? I hope they were wonderful, and y'all got lots of relaxing in. I am hoping having company next weekend will force us to slow down so I can finally get some rest in, and maybe even get ahead on the blog ;)

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