Piper - Three Months Old


Once again I am behind on Pipers monthly update... and once again I am consistent.
In the last month Piper has gone from somewhat of still being a curled up newborn to a full on baby with chunky thighs and curiosity in her eyes. It is a hard pill to swallow and makes me want another newborn stat. I should really figure out how to bottle up that newborn phase because one, it passes way to quickly and two, I would get rich quick. Piper is now three months old and the happiest baby on earth. She is always smiling and I feel like the luckiest mommy on earth getting to experience each and every grin she gives me.


Clothing and Diaper Size -
Piper is completely out of everything Newborn, is mostly wearing 0-3 month clothing but rapidly outgrowing it. We have worn some outfits as big as 12 months this last month! As for pajamas Piper is almost completely out of 0-3 month and we mostly are wearing 3-6 month jammies.
Last you heard from us we were trying to use up the last of our newborn diapers, and a month later we are trying to use up the rest of our size ones so that we can jump another size! Growing girl!

Likes -
Piper still loves being worn in either the wrap or sling, but now she wants to look around before she falls asleep. She is still loving her play mat but now she is grabbing and pulling on the toys. This last month she has preferred her 4 Moms Rockaroo over the Mamaroo, making me thankful we have both. She also is loving her bouncy chair with the light up toys, she likes to come into the playroom in her chair while I play with big sister. We also have a thumb sucker on our hands who definitely prefers her thump to a pacifier.

Dislikes -
Right now we dislike getting out of bed first thing in the morning. She would much rather sleep in while I get up with Lilly.
Sleep -
Sleep is still pretty much the same. She wakes up a few times to eat and goes right back to sleep, with a few nights here and there where she sleeps through the night.

Eating -
Still nursing and growing like crazy.
Firsts -
We are babbling like crazy now. Piper is moving her head to follow someone around the room, and has great head control. She also started grabbing onto her toys to play like I mentioned earlier and is so close to rolling over. She also responds when someone starts talking to her.

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