Lilly Turns Two


I really wish father time would slow his roll because thinking, I mean really thinking about Lilly being two is heart breaking. I feel like it was just yesterday she was born and my life was forever changed. Now she is a walking, talking, sassy toddler that has strong opinions, and huge hugs to share. I wish I could adequately use words to explain Lilly, but there just are not any. She is so beyond smart and talks up a storm, she has so much attitude, but is also the sweetest little thing I have ever met. She is a lover by all means and I am so lucky to be her mama.

On Saturday we celebrated her birthday with family and friends. We started the day with her present from Mommy and Daddy so we could spend that moment together just the four of us. She loved opening her gift.

After playing for awhile we headed outside to start setting up for the party and Lilly took advantage of her birthday weekend and jumped in her pool while in her pajamas. After running around outside soaking wet it was time for an early nap.


I woke her up from her nap an hour before the party so we could get in our party dress and wake up. She was GRUMPY her nap was cut short but as soon as her friends got to the house she was back to being her happy self.

The kiddos enjoyed some time in the bounce house (Lillys big present from us), and the pool to keep cool.

We have been practicing singing happy birthday to Lilly this week and I think she really enjoyed the attention being all on her. Something tells me I am going to have my hands full with this one.

After cake and ice cream it was time to open presents. Lilly opened her frozen car from her Nana and Poppy first and I had a hard time getting her to open anything after that.

We all had such a great day with Lilly and I am so thrilled she enjoyed her party. Both her uncles showed up, and her Auntie Ash was visiting from Florida which we were so excited about.

Sunday was Lillys actual birthday so we went out to breakfast at a local favorite with my mom. After that we explored the arts and crafts fair where Lilly and Piper were spoiled by their Nana. After that we came home and played with all the new toys. It was a perfect weekend celebrating the most perfect two year old - who is currently walking around with a laundry basket on her head.

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