Home Tour: Living Room


I know some of you have been wanting a tour of our home and here I am to deliver. I wanted to have everything perfect before I posted an official tour of our home but I realized that this house will probably always be a work in progress. I decided why not document it from the beginning and look back on how far we have come.

So... I will be going through room by room and giving a tour of our home and today I am starting with where we spend the most of our time: the family room.
To say our home is always changing is an understatement because things have been swapped around just since I took these photos. But I really love this space and being able to snuggle with the family. We snagged the coffee table and white chair for $15 at a community yard sale a few weeks ago and I am loving what they add to the space. I am excited to see how it evolves and even have some new touches ordered to add to it.


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