Piper - Two Months Old


The past month has just flown by, as does life with kiddos. Between working on the house and going out to do things I feel like we don't get a single second to just sit and rest. Luckily this babe is so easy breezy and totally goes with the flow. Piper Sage, you are such a perfect little squish.


Clothing and Diaper Size -
She is mostly in 0-3 Month clothing, but still fits in a few newborn things. As for pajamas Piper is completely in 0-3 Month. We are trying to use up the rest of the newborn diapers because she fits WAY better in size ones.
Likes -
Taking naps in her Happy Baby wrap.
The mirror on her play mat.
Kisses from Lilly.
Dislikes -
When Mommy isnt in eyesight.

Sleep -
Piper is still sleeping really well. Only waking up 1-2 times in the night to nurse and then goes straight back to sleep. She even slept completely through the night one day last week.
Eating -
Still nursing very well, and she is growing like crazy to prove it.
Firsts -
She has started smiling regurlary.
She has stayed home alone with Daddy for the first couple times, once while Mommy went to the dentist and then a couple short times.

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