Pipers Birth Story - In Words


Truthfully I don't know how to start. Pipers birth was life changing for me. Not life changing in the way every birth is. But in the way that left Austin and I both thankful that myself and Piper both made it through healthy.

I expected things to go similar as they did with Lilly and people are not kidding when they say it can be completely different. For some reason I didn't believe that. I truly felt that my body responded one way the first time, it would react similar the second. Wrong.

Lilly woke up around 3:30 in the morning crying so I went and got her and brought her into our bed. She sounded congested and I remember thinking, yep I will go into labor because she is getting sick and it will be the worst possible time to bring a newborn home - contractions started. God loves to laugh at us doesn't he? As y'all know I had a lot of false labor so I just laid there thinking they would probably stop soon and just tryed to enjoy Lilly asleep in my arms. I am so thankful for that time with Lilly. As I laid in bed I started praying that this was it, I was so tired of the false labor and I just wanted it to be the real deal so I could get it over with. As I was praying my water broke. My water didn't break at home with Lilly so this was so weird to me. I woke Austin up who was convinced I peed myself until I stood up and water just kept running down my leg. We were ready for this.

We took the next two hours to get everything ready. Lilly woke up in that time so I laid in bed with her watching Despicable Me while we ate breakfast together. It was so weird just laying there knowing I was about to have a baby. After we were done eating we loaded up in the car and took Lilly to my moms house. Saying bye to Lilly was easier then I thought, but still hard. She was very clingy to me and could sense something was going on. Normally wants nothing to do with me if her grandparents are around so it made me very emotional but I managed not to cry and keep a brave face on.
Next stop was the hospital to have a baby.

By the time we arrived to the hospital the contractions had basically stopped they were so far apart. They got me in a room and checked me and I was dilated to a five with the baby still pretty high. The staff was fine with letting me stay in my clothes so I got up and started walking the halls. I walked until they came and got me to get me back on the monitors. I am going to keep this short instead of giving every little detail... I walked, bounced on a ball, and did everything I could possibly do and the contractions would not stay consistent. At 2pm there was still no change and although the medical staff had been super supportive of my desire to go all natural the doctor said if there was no progress in an hour he would start pushing pitocin. When he left the room I looked at Austin and knew we had to do something because I had tried everything but nothing was happening. I told him I thought I should try an epidural because once I had one with Lilly things went really fast. Even though I was aiming for a natural birth and hadn't even considered an epidural up until that point we both agreed that was probably the best option to avoid pitocin.

Let me tell you what, waiting for that epidural was hell. I lost it. I was hysterically crying in pain. Which is weird because before I said I wanted one I was handling the pain very well. But I guess once you know you have relief coming you want it as soon as possible. Austin left the room and went and got my mom because we had agreed she would be in the room if I did end up getting one. As the anesthesiologist was doing his thing I was super panicked. I had such a bad experience when I gave birth to Lilly that an epidural was scary to me. All I remember was trying so hard to be still but sobbing because all I wanted was to see was Lillys face. I just kept telling my mom that I wanted Lilly.

We made it through the epidural and it was successful. Thank God for a man who knew what he was doing and being so kind while I was such a mess. While the epidural did help me progress it didn't happen nearly as fast as it had with Lilly and we still had many hours ahead of us. I hated the feeling of the epidural and I didn't push the button again until after Piper was born because I truthfully just wanted the medication to wear off.

Later that night I felt some pressure and I mentioned it to the nurse. She asked if she should check and I said sure why not. I was finally ready! I don't know how long I pushed but it was a lot longer than it was with Lilly. This was no 3 push baby that was for sure, and I was so exhausted at the end.

At 10:22 PM Miss Piper Sage had finally arrived.

When Piper was born she was extremely purple and silent. I feel like she was silent forever. As they were handing her to me I asked the nurse if she was okay and she said something to reassure me, but it definitely wasn't a yes either. Someone said something about wanting her on my chest so I started ripping my clothes off - no regard to my IV or the epidural needing in my back. After all was done we found tape completely stuck in my hair. In the moment all I could think was something is wrong with my baby, she needs kangaroo care. We got her on my chest and she finally started crying a little and I thought okay everything is fine. Then I noticed Austin (who had helped deliver Piper) never came up. He was still down with the Doctor. I thought this was really odd and remember thinking to myself why wouldn't he be up here enjoying his new daughter. Then came serious pain.

Pipers umbilical card was attached to the side of the placenta instead of the center (where it is normally attached) and had broken off causing my placenta shot back up into me. The doctor had to reach up into me and manually remove it then piece it back together. Since Piper is healthy I can only assume the umbilical cord didn't break till after she was out but nobody really knows. It didn't really set in until the next day when Austin told me what exactly happened how scary of a situation it was. We are so lucky the Doctor was able to get the placenta all out and I didn't have to have a surgery but we are especially lucky Piper was okay.

It was such a wake up call for me because although I know things can happen in delivery I didn't think any of those things would happen to me. I am so thankful for my healthy girl and cant imagine life without her but the thought of giving birth again is truly terrifying to me at this point.


  1. So happy you all are okay! I had no idea it was such a crazy day for you. So glad she is safe. She's so, so beautiful <3

    1. Thank you Misty, it was so scary and truly exhausting. I cant imagine being in labor for days.

  2. i just read this and had no idea you went through almost the exact same thing i did with Caleb's birth and my placenta. scary to think about, but so glad it all worked out. these babies, they are so worth every second of it.


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