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When I was pregnant with Lilly I feel like I searched EVERYWHERE for a bonnet. I suppose I did find some on Etsy but they were mostly photo props, or crocheted (which I could do myself). Either way, not exactly what I was looking for. Almost two years later I feel like they are much easier to find, and I was so happy to try out the bonnets from Little Sun Hat.

Little Sun Hat began after Kara gave birth to her fourth boy. Wanting to protect her new son from the elements she made a bonnet and although it was blue, she had to sell it to her husband as "just a little sun hat". With that a brand was born and it has since grown tremendously.

Little Sun Hat offers three different types of bonnets. The Classic, The Modern, and The Cap - Lilly is pictured in The Classic. But I am itching to get some Modern bonnets for Lilly to protect her face this summer.

Kara has been sewing since she was nine so it is no surprise that the quality is perfection. There is not one flaw on any of my four sun hats and they without a doubt look professionally made. All of the Little Sun Hats made are reversible as well and I love having the option to flip our hat over.

I keep a bonnet in the diaper bag for each girl just in case that wonderful Washington weather flips on us and they need to keep their ears warm, or head protected from the sun. We truly love out sun hats which is why we are so excited that both girls were chosen to be Super Fans this week. I cant wait to share out summer with y'all while the girls protect their pretty little faces in style.

Want to snag one for your little one to? Well lucky you, Little Sun Hat and Little Bits of Us has paired up to give one away to one lucky winner. Be sure to head over to my instagram page and enter!

get to know the face behind little sun hat

"Sun and weather protection is so important any time of life, but especially in young babies and children. My hats not only help with the sun, but they also cover the ears for wind protection. That's a win-win for me!"

What is your favorite thing about living in the Pacific North West?
The four seasons, I feel like we have everything right here. Hiking, boating, snowshoeing, ice skating, and Seattle is only 3 hours away for fun. :)
Where do you find inspiration?
I'm really into my kids. They are so fascinated by the world, and everything is new for them. I try to capture a little bit of that when I'm designing the next seasons lineup. Right now I'm working on having a constant house line, something classic that will last longer than a season or two. And also a special prints for next summer.
How do you find time for you?
I'm an introvert, so I get a lot of energy by being by myself, however I have a small group of like-minded mom bosses that I surround myself with. We meet weekly to encourage, challenge, and keep each other accountable. This time is sacred to me, and my family knows that I need to step away from my mom-role and work on me. I also have a fantastic husband. 

Tell me an interesting fact about yourself.
I love helping others with their businesses. Someday I would love to have a retreat weekend and gather all the beautiful ideas and hopes and dreams, and turn them into plans and realities.



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