Meet Piper Sage


Oh hey there! I know I completely left you hanging.
But in my defense that baby we were waiting on is so precious I haven't even thought twice about opening this laptop up.

So here she is yall...
Miss Piper Sage

Piper is currently 25 days old and days away from being one month, how is that even possible?! We have been adjusting around here fairly smoothly. Austin hasn't had to go back to work yet but in a few more days he is off leave and I really get to give this mom of two thing a go. I am pretty dang nervous.

Lilly loves her little sister and is constantly giving her hugs, kisses, and holding her hand. She hasn't shown any aggression or jealousy and I couldn't be more proud. That girl has a heart of gold.

I still have so much to share with y'all. Pipers birth story - which was terrifying, birth photos, newborn photos, and of course monthly updates so expect to hear from me soon folks. But in the meantime what do you think of Pipers name? Did any of you guess that was it?

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