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I am always looking for new recipes because no matter what if feels like we eat the same things over and over. Today I would like to pass along a great recipe from Katie who blogs at a Mrs & a Mama. The great thing about her Chicken Tortilla Pie Recipe is it can be made unique to fit your family, something that is seriously important around here because I believe I am married to the worlds most picky eater.

Anyways, here is the recipe for Chicken Tortilla Pie. I hope y'all love it, and thank you for sharing Katie!
[what you need]
springform pan
rotisserie chicken
green onion
pico de gallo
diced green chilis
shredded cheese
chipotle tabasco 

This dish can really be cooked on any pan but I like using the springform pan because it can be a little messy to assemble and the edge catches all of the food.  To start, I do a few things to prep like shred chicken, rinse and drain beans, chop green onions, open the can of green chilis and spray my pan with avocado oil.  I also mix some of the chipotle tabasco in with the black beans.  This does make it spicy so if you are cooking for kids you can add it to the areas of the pie you would like and mark it with toothpicks.
Next, you will start to layer.  This is the order I do them in: tortilla, beans, chicken, green onions, pico, green chilis, cheese, repeat.  

While you are layering you need to be sure to get the food all the way to the edges or else each layer will sink in on the edges (as shown in photo above, bottom left) and the food will fall out as you build the layers up.  
In this particular dish I did three tortilla layers and on the third I only put beans, onions and cheese.  You can certainly do more layers.

I cooked it in a 350 degree over for about 20 minutes.  You want to make sure the center is hot before serving.  We eat this alone or with avocado slices and sometimes rice as a side.

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  1. UMMMM, YUM! I wanna make this. I still cannot find green chiles anywhere. why must Canada suck so much (sometimes)!? :P


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