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Hey y'all! How is yet another weekend gone? It just doesn't seem fair.

Friday I started my day off with a one hour full body prenatal massage. This was my Christmas present from hubby. I had decided to save it until we were settled in our house and since I don't see us completely settled before the baby arrives I figured now was a good of time as any to do a little self pampering. It was extremely needed and appreciated, especially with how sore I have been. After that was done I headed back home to pick up Lilly and Austin so we could run errands. We were so fortunate that my mom had the day off and could take Lilly off our hands while we went and had our taxes done. After those were finished we picked Lilly up and got some groceries, and picked out paint for little sisters room.
I really do love to take weekends for family time but to be honest right now weekends are all about getting things done. Austins hours during the week are longer here and by the time he gets home from work it is dinner time, than he gives Lilly a bath and puts her to bed. That is their time. After a 12 hour day and helping with Lilly he is exhausted, and the last thing I want to do is give the poor man a to do list. I am basically useless with the doctor wanting me to take it easy so not much is getting done around the house during the week.

When I think about how little gets done during the week I feel like we are never going to be completely settled in this house. It just seems like the boxes will never be unpacked, and the projects will keep multiplying, but I am well aware this is probably just my hormones talking.

Anyways, this weekend our focus was the nursery for baby P. Saturday Austin got the nursery painted and put together her dresser. Lilly and I spent most of the day laying in bed, or on the couch since I was super sore and achy.
On Sunday things were pretty laid back, Lilly and I never even got out of our pajamas. We spent the morning playing with the box the crib came in. Lilly's had a blast while Austin pushed her across the floor in it. It was so much fun watching her just laugh and laugh. After playing all morning she took a nap. Yes I repeat: she. took. a. nap. and it was basically a miracle! During that time Austin got P's crib put together and we arranged the nursery. He had a weird schedule this weekend because he had to stand watch (through the night), but today after he gets some sleep today he will paint her dresser and start bringing clothes in for me to wash and sort.

I am going to feel so much better once the nursery is organized with (at least) the things she will need the first few weeks. This pregnancy has just flown by and I wish I had more time to prepare, but even if things are not perfectly laid out at least she will have clothes to wear. Last week, I wasn't even sure we would get that much accomplished before her arrival.

Austin has been such a trooper taking the brunt of everything. I feel so guilty laying around all day while he is non stop trying to get things done. Truth me told this pregnancy has been a rough one for me, and just sitting around is not my normal. But before we know it this phase of life will be behind us, and we will laugh at how stressful it seemed.

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