Quack! Quack! Some new friends joined our pack.


I wouldn't call my self an impulsive person. Truthfully though, there are moments in my life that show just how very impulsive I can be. This weekend we had one of those moments.

On a complete whim Austin and I decided to take on two ducks. 

Meet Willow and Lucy!

When we purchased a house I knew I wanted to add some backyard chickens, and was looking to do this next year. I wanted to give myself time not only to prepare but to also adjust to life with two kids. That was my practical side y'all, and just like that POOF it was gone.

Long story short, we fell across an add that was to good to resist and got a killer deal on these two and their coop. After asking a million questions I felt confident that this was something I could handle, I mean they really do seem pretty easy. Plus they each give us an egg a day, and it turns out that Lilly loves her some duck eggs.

So Saturday Austin went and picked them up, and home they came. My brother also came to town that day so my family came over for an informal BBQ. I don't get to see him nearly enough and I always enjoy when we all get together.

Sunday morning started late but still quite fast with a giant WOOF, and a giant QUACK. Austin got up with Lilly so I could sleep in, but mostly rest my aching hips and back. A few hours after Austin got up he came running upstairs with Lilly telling me I had to get up, that my duck had got out. I took Lilly and next thing I knew he was gone.

I got a call from him a little bit later saying he found Willow and she was hiding under someones porch and he needed my help. I bundled Lilly up in the stroller and sure enough Willow was under a neighbors porch. Thank the Lord the neighbors were so easy going about the whole thing. We got Willow out from under the porch and walked her back down the street to our house. I may or may not have seen a few neighbors laughing as Willow waddled her way back home, and all I could do was laugh right along with them.

Taking on two ducks so spur of the moment I knew we were going to face challenges and I am just thankful we found her and got her home safe. Turns out Rem bolted out the sliding glass door this morning when Austin went to feed them and went after her. There is a small section of our fence that is missing and with all the craziness Austin just hasnt got around to rebuilding it yet. We had something temporary up but poor Willow was so spooked and flew up over it and out of the yard. The rest of the day was spent working on the fence, running errands, and being a little lazy while we left the ducks who were now very spooked alone to adjust to their new home.

I still plan on adding chickens next year so we have both types of eggs, but I think this is a great start for now. Do any of y'all have ducks? I have been researching like crazy but would love some advice. Please leave a comment if you have any to share, I would love to make this transition as smooth as possible for Lucy and Willow.


  1. omg they're so damn cute hahaha, i love this so much

  2. Gosh they are the cutest! You crack me up by getting ducks! At least they aren't the kind we hunt, because let me tell you, I was trying to show Caleb ducks at the zoo and thinking to myself, how will I explain to him why we hunt some ducks and not others. LOL!


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