Diving into Essential Oils


I would say about a year ago I started becoming interested in essential oils. I don't feel I am a super crunchy mom, but I do prefer to go about things as naturally as possible. Also I heard lavender would help my kid sleep though the night, and I was all about that.
So our journey with essential oils started with lavender. No, Lilly did not magically start sleeping through the night. But I will say she did wake less, and went back down much easier. Not long after that she was sleeping through the night.
And that is about where our journey with essential oils ended...

Within a few months of purchasing lavender we also tried out some more popular oils. We added lemon and peppermint to our collection, and we were given some basil. But none of them really got used, because I found it overwhelming whenever I researched different ways I could use them. I truly wanted to become a lover of essential oils but I never seemed to get past the plethora of information out there.

Last week I discovered the Hollystic Oils instagram account and felt hope that I could do this. On her page she offers tons of mixes for every day issues. From snoring to headaches Holly really breaks down essential oils and makes it seem easy. I am so excited to start working with Holly and focus on using essential oils to help me through the remainder of my pregnancy, as well as helping me recover postpartum. She was kind enough to send me a care package full of goodies that she thinks will be most useful for me, with lots of ways I can use them.
I am so excited to give this a try again, and with someone to help me this time. I am also hoping to bring some ideas to the blog and help make essential oils seem practical and possible to anyone else who felt the way I did. If there is anything you are curious about, or would love to see please let me know in the comments.

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