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Well ya'll its been a little over a week since it finally happened. Yep, that is right folks!

Seriously it felt like the day was NEVER going to come, and truthfully it happened quite abruptly. Life has been crazy ever since, so here is a little update on everything that has been going on with our family.

The day we closed on the house we had Lilly's 18 month well child check. We met her new Pediatrician, and Lilly took right to her. Maybe because she was female? Either way, Lilly let her pick her up and followed her around which is a huge plus. For those of you that remember Lilly's struggle with weight gain this was a huge day for our family. The girl who used to have weekly weight checks FINALLY hit 20 lbs. Her doctor said she is proportioned perfectly and that she has no concern about her size. What a breath of fresh air!

After that appointment we went and signed the closing papers for the house, and that night the painting saga began. It took five samples of gray and an entire week, but the entire interior of our house is now painted. We have moved over everything from my moms, yesterday the movers came, and we even spent last night in the house! It felt amazing to be back in my own bed. There is so much unpacking and decorating to get done but Austin has this week off to help which is such a blessing.

We also found time on Monday to make Lilly's first Ikea trip. Seriously I could live in Ikea. But we went and got Baby P her dresser and lots of things for the house. It is a two hour drive there so we were gone all day, but it was really nice to spend the day together just us three. Lilly had spent most of the weekend with her grandparents so we could get things done over at the house and I had missed her. It is still weird for me to have help with her and being away from her is hard, even when its just for a few hours.

To top all that off Lilly and I have spent the last week fighting off a nasty cold. I am so ready to have things calm back down, and we are finally so close, that is until P arrives and shakes everything back up again.

So anyways, I know I have been a little quite around here but I have also been working on some great things for the blog. Did y'all notice the new layout by Vanessa Studios? I am blown away with what she did, and love the simple new design for Little Bits of Us.

I have been working with a lot of great shops and have so much coming up. I am so honored and humbled that so many great shops and companies believe in me, and want to work together. This is what makes it possible to host amazing giveaways and share deals with y'all so be sure to keep an eye out on my Instagram page so you don't miss a thing.

4moms is one of the companies I have purchased items from in preparation for Baby P and I am excited to tell you that right now you can head over to my Instagram you can enter to win their new rockaroo. This giveaway will end on March 11th so be sure to go enter.

Thank you for all hanging in there with me while life has been so up in the air. Your supportive comments here and on Instagram mean so much to me, and really have lifted me up on hard days.

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