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Well here we are STILL waiting to close on the house. It feels like it is taking an eternity, but that is probably because we are living with my mom and I am 29 weeks pregnant. Right now we are waiting on the other agent to get a contractor to fix a few issues, then we just have to get the house reinspected, and we can close. It is looking like another 2 weeks minimum, which is frustrating when we only were supposed to need two weeks as it was. In the meantime I just need to find ways to deal with the situation. I had to trust in God that he would find us the right house, and now I have to trust that he will get us into it in time for Baby P to make her arrival.

One of the things I am most excited about in this new home is that Lilly and Baby P will have a playroom; and one of the hardest parts about having our stuff in storage is Lilly not having her toys. Honestly it has been really hard being away from our things, and I can not wait to get them back and give Lilly such a special place to play.

The room that will become the girls playroom has a bay window, so we will be building a bench seat. I always dreamed about reading in a window seat as a kid so I am so excited to finally be able to do it, also that my girls will grow up being able to.

To say we have a lot of toys is an understatement. I am basically a giant kid myself so I have a hard time not buying a new toy every time we go to the store, which means we have ended up with way to many toys. With that being said, lots of storage is going to be a must. We will be using a bookshelf, toy box, and lots of bins to keep all the girls stuff organized.

I cant wait to get Lilly's tepee set up for her again. I really miss our snuggles and reading books in it, and this playroom has the perfect corner for it. Since moving Lilly has also started learning to color, well by color I mean scribble on a page. So we will also be creating an art gallery to hang all her work up which is something I really cant wait to see. I loved arts and crafts and look forward to letting my girls be creative and messy. There also will be a kitchen area for the girls, complete with grocery cart and fake food. Lilly is really into "making tea" right now and I often find myself daydreaming about our first tea party in her playroom.

Since Lilly will be spending most of her time playing in her play room, and I will be spending lots of time nursing and caring for baby P it is very important I find a way to keep us all together. I plan on getting a giant comfy chair for the playroom so that I can nurse the baby in there instead of on the couch. I want one large enough that Lilly can also come up with us and cuddle if she wishes. The last thing I want is for Lilly to feel left out and I am hoping by us spending the day in the playroom (instead of the family room) she will feel as important as she is.

I know Lilly is going to be beyond thrilled for her new playroom, and I really can not wait to give her the toys she is missing and space to play like the adventurous 18 month old she is.

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